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CONEY ISLAND IOTA club trip, Check the 'calendar' page

Club of the Year competition - Congratulations to our club again as we were announced as the winners in the region 8 large club and also congratulations to our friends at LEARC who won the small club of the year within region 8. Now we progress to the national finals for all the winners in the different regions around the UK. Well done club!

Advanced exam planned. Please see the 'training' page for further info.

Regional Club of the year 2013 and 2014

National finalists 2013 and runners-up 2014


50 Years of MUARC (Est. 1965)


The Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club (MUARC) has been active since 1965



Our Club call sign is MNØVFW


Please take time to look through our website, where you will find information on our club, activities, events and members as well as a great gallery full of images of our latest activities.


Our Club meeting is on the second Sunday of each month in our Club Training room and we meet informally every Tuesday evening at the club shack.

Our address can be found below. The main gates are closed at 7pm, if entry is needed after this time we can usually be contacted on 145.500MHz, were you will be directed to an alternative entrance and granted access by a member of our club.

Turkington Complex


Mahon Road




BT62 3EH



We monitor VHF S20 - 145.500MHz, give us a call when you are close by.



View from the top of Slieve Croob
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BT62 3EH