Grid Square: IO64sj
ITU Zone: 27
CQ Zone:14
IOTA: EU-115



Welcome to the Mid-Ulster Amateur Radio Club

Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club (MUARC) is a friendly, diverse group interested in all things amateur radio.  The Club has been active in the Portadown / Craigavon area since 1965. Our club call sign is MN0VFW

The Club aims to promote and educate on all aspects of Amateur Radio or Ham Radio if you prefer.  This applies to both newcomers to the hobby and those who have been around a long, long time.

You are welcome to apply to join our Face book group.  Here you'll find updates on activities, events and perhaps the occasional joke.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

After a committee meeting regarding the Coronavirus, club chairman William, 2i0WMN, has decided to close the club premises until further notice. This decision has not been taken lightly, but due to the club having a duty of protection to its members and their families, this was agreed to be the right decision in light of the virus.

As there are no more meetings for the near future, more impromptu "shout outs" are planned on various bands and modes. Everyone is welcome to participate, join the club WhatsApp channel for up to minute details.

73 and stay safe!

Special Event Station

Our St. Patrick's day went well today, with over 100 contacts made throughout different modes and bands, with several contacts on DMR, 4m. Davy IRZ stayed late into the night and had about 40 contacts on 80m - well done Davy! Today we made roughly 20 HF contacts and another 30 on 2m. Thanks to all involved!

Licence Revalidation

As Ofcom have just updated their database, it is advised that all radio amateurs revalidate their licence.

RSGB president visit

The RSGB president, Dave Wilson, will be visiting the club on Saturday the 7th March at 4pm. The committee would like as many members as possible to be present, to help represent the club.

Dates for foundation and intermediate courses

  • Tue 7th January Foundation (MI7) and Intermediate (2I0) registration
  • Saturday 1st and 8th February - Foundation course
  • Monday 3rd February - Foundation radio work
  • Wednesday 19th February - Start of 10 week Intermediate course

Location: Turkington's Yard, Mahon Road, Portadown (map at the bottom of this page).

Registation is from 6:30pm onwards, main gates close at 6:30/6:45. After this time, go to the back gate and contact William 07821298740 or Davy 07900245021 for access.

Club Christmas lunch is Sunday, 8 December, 3pm at McCrums Motorcycles, Armagh Road, Portadown. (map)

Cost is £17.50 each. Members, partners and friends welcome.  Contact Hazel,


If you'd like to join the club and participate in our activities... CLICK the BUTTON!!

If you have an interest in electronics, communications, software or just simply want to chat with others, this hobby has probably something to offer you. Radio Amateurs are experimenting with communications from Long Wave, though the Short Wave bands, VHF and UHF using voice, data and Morse code.  Communication via satellites is common and some Radio Hams are even bouncing signals off the moon!!  

Note that you need an Amateur Radio Licence in order to transmit on approved amateur frequencies.  Click button below for more information.

14 Registrations for Foundation Licence Training / Exam in November 2019👍😃

Click the button for information on Licences, training and exams.

Our formal Club meeting is normally the second Sunday of each month. This may vary due to public holidays, etc.
We also meet informally every Tuesday evening at the club shack. Please come before the main gate closes at 18:30.

Tea, coffee biscuits and buns are usually available and we even have a log burner for that homely atmosphere during the winter!!



Turkington Complex  

Mahon Road


BT62 3EH

GPS Co-Ordinates (Google Maps)

Main Gate :    54.41034 -6.5434

Back Gate:     54.40902 -6.4514

You can find us on Google Maps, Search for Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club

Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club, Turkington Complex, Mahon Road, Portadown, Craigavon

The Club is located within the Turkington complex.  During the day,access is via the main entrance,  please report to the security gatehouse.The main security gates are closed at 18:30, Saturday PM and all day Sunday. If entry is needed outside these times we can usually be contacted on 145.500 MHz, where you will be directed to an alternative entrance and granted access by a member of our club or email