Grid Square: IO64sj
ITU Zone: 27
CQ Zone:14
IOTA: EU-115



MN0VFW's World Famous  An-Tenner

£10 for a handy mobile 2m Moxon antenna.  £2 for the optional 70cms extension.  Can be purchased at the club or on request from a club member, or at various ham radio rallies.

Designed and engineered by a dedicated team of Club Members, the An-Tenner is manufactured from specially formulated solid aluminium, hand crafted to exacting dimensions on a precision jig. The dimensionally accurate elements are securely attached to an insulated boom suitable for mounting on a pole or manual satellite tracking for both elevation and azimuth.

The An-Tenner includes its own balun/choke and a few metres of cable.  All you need is to supply a connector(s) suitable for your radio.

The An-Tenner is the ideal low cost antenna suitable for VHF/UHF portable, mobile or indoor use.


The Moxon antenna or 'Moxon Rectangle' is a simple and mechanically robust two-element parasitic array antenna. It takes its name from the amateur radio operator Les Moxon (amateur radio call sign G6XN). 

The design is rectangular, with roughly half the rectangle being the driven element and the other half being the reflector. It is electrically equivalent to a two element Yagi antenna with bent elements and without directors. Because of the folded ends, the element lengths are approximately 70% of the equivalent dipole length. The two element design gives modest directivity (about 6 dBi) with a null towards the rear of the antenna, yielding high realized front to back ratio (approx 20dB).