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Club News

Below we have our recent yearly awards pictures presented at our AGM.

going left to right....

George Gi4 SJQ presenting William 2i0 WMN with the "Adrian Ismay memorial cup" for his actions within the community when he pulled a young chap who was involved in a road traffic collision from a burning vehicle.

Then we have Les Gi1 BZT who received the "Services to Amateur Radio Shield" for his work with QRP and Pixie kits amongst his many demonstrations of home brew kits and keys he showcases around our region.

Lastly but not least we have Noel 2I0 SFA who received the "Services to the Club" cup for his many years of faithful service to the club in the post of Exam Secretary. He has now stepped down due to recently becoming married and celebrating the birth of his daughter. The club wishes him the very best for the future.

And here it is folks, George GI4 SJQ our club chairman accepting the 3rd place award for the RSGB National Club of the Year awards!

Well done club!

Folks, moving on from our AGM, we handed out some new awards.

Below you will see pictures of Brian Mi0 TGO being handed an award for 'Services to the Club' by our club chairman George Ggi4 SJQ, Brian spearheaded our recent club meeting room extension project and the club is highly appreciative.

Our second picture is of Joe Mi0 NWA receiving the 'Services to Amateur Radio' award. Joe has been our chief trainer in the club and helps put through all of our foundation and intermediate candidates within the club. A real credit to the club and world of amateur radio.

Lastly but definitely not least, we have Keith 2i0 KXM who received our newly commissioned cup the "Adrian Ismay 2i0 IZI memorial cup" Adrian was a member of our club who was killed over a year ago. Adrian was heavily involved in St John Ambulance as well as the Community Rescue Service to name a few. So in order to show how proud we are as a club of Adrian and all he had achieved we created this award for someone who gives back to the community. Keith who is a member of St John Ambulance as well as the Irish Civil Defence and many other volunteer organizations as well as countless hours to his club, it was deemed very fitting that he received the first award.

Pictured is members from the club during the Air Ambulance Radio Week. We had a quick tour and photograph with the helicopter and the air crew visited our station at the Ulster Aviation Society to learn a little bit more about what we were doing and why. Band conditions were challenging but a few connections were made with other air ambulance week stations

AGM News

The AGM has now been and gone. So...who is on this years committee?

Chairman - George Gi4 SJQ

Deputy     - Joe Mi0 NWA

Secretary - Dave 2i0 SJV

Deputy    - Keith 2i0 KXM

Treasurer - Davy Mi0 IRZ

Deputy    - Louis Mi0 RLR

Non office holding committee members - 

Donna Mi6 YSW

John 2i0 VGW

Richard Mi1 RDR

John Gi7 SBF

There was also a special election of an Honorary President for our club and that was Jimmy Gi0 OND

One of our members George Gi4SJQ recently came across our club mentioned on a podcast he just happened to be listening to. He was able to cut the audio and I've added it below.
The podcast was called the "ICQ PODCAST" title "CQ PODCAST - EPISODE 236 - DUMMY LOADS" I've added a link to their website on our links page for further interest.

Have a listen and this is a great shout out for our club, well done members!

MUARC has been named as the Region 8 Club of the Year in the large club category (25 members and above).

We have been quite successful in previous years at this award and our club is very proud to win this award!

The next step is that we progress on to the national awards where every club that won in their respective regions move forward and is in the mix to win the overall national club of the year from all around the UK. A special thanks must go to Davy Mi0 IRZ our chairman and George Gi4 SJQ who took the time to complete all the information needed in the COTY application. Your club thanks you and lets hope it's a success in the finals! 

Our club again was presented with a St Patrick's Day award for participating in this home grown fun filled award. Well done to all those members that took part! Lets sign up for next year!

A special thanks to John (GI7SBF) Brian (MI0TGO) and Davy (MI0IRZ) for coming in first place on behalf on the club and winning the 10 Meter (28MHz) contest award.

Very well done guys!

Congratulations to our MUARC Foundation Course candidates Adam and Tom who successfully completed and passed the December 2016 course.

Excellent work guys! We will look forward to hearing you on the air with your new callsigns!

2017 Intermediate Course starts on the 18th of January 2017, every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks

Please see our training page for more details!!!

More MI6 Success!

Congratulations to Jonathan, Timothy and Jonathan who all successfully completed their MI6 course and passed their exam with MUARC.

We look forward to hearing your new callsigns on the air soon!

MUARC Youth members active at RSGB Youth DXpedition

MUARC youth members 2I0 TXB, MI6 RXC and MI6 WKE have all been assisting in the ProjectDX15 SOTA and IOTA activations.

Pictured here is Josh TXB and Taylor RXC with other Dxpedition participants at the top of     Pen-Y-Fan where they worked HF and VHF stations on Saturday.

They climbed Waun-Fach on Sunday to again work as MC0RYC.

Youth Dxpedition 2015

Three MUARC youth Members have left for the RSGB Youth DXpedition in the Breacon Beacons.

The boys, Josh 2I0 TXB, Taylor MI6 RXC and Ross MI6 WKE flew from Belfast on Thursday 23rd July to meet up with the other DXpedition participants in Abergavenny, Wales.

There are 9 young people from throughout the UK attending and it's great to see such a high proportion of places taken up by Northern Ireland participants with all 3 being MUARC members.

There was a quiet air of excitement this morning at the airport with the boys eager to be underway and escape the last embraces of their mothers!

The Kenwood sponsored RSGB DXpedition is based in the Breacon Beacons where the participants will take part in antenna building, SOTA activations and other radio related activities. 

More information can be found on the MUARC participants on our Youth page.

Please revisit our news page for updates and for more information on the DXpedition, details can be found on the RSGB website.

MUARC Members Exam Successes Continue

Within a week, MUARC members Donna and Keith achieved their Foundation Exams, with both scoring highly.

]osh MI6 MKI also passed his intermediate exam with a perfect score of 45/45.

Well done to Donna, Keith and Josh.

June 2015 MI6 Success

MUARC are proud to introduce the MI6 Class of June 2015.

Congratulations to Andy, Neil, John, Andy, Dave and Bob (Crayola.... ask him!).

Well done and we look forward to getting your new callsigns into our logs.

Spring 2015 Intermediate Class

10/10 Intermediate License Success

10 Mid-Ulster Amateur Radio Club members sat their intermediate exam on Tuesday 28th April 2015. This was the last week of the course that spanned a 12 week period.

      The club was delighted to be able to provide the training and support to allow these members to move to the next license and look forward to hearing all the new 2I0 call signs. Congratulations everyone!

MUARC clinch 2nd Place in 2014 RSGB Club Of The Year Competition

Expectations were high on Saturday 25th April, where, at the RSGB Annual General Meeting, the results of the Club of The Year competition would be announced.

MUARC had finished 3rd in the 2013 competition and were hoping that 2014 would yield another good result. The RSGB had informed the club that they had made it to the last 3 clubs in the large club category for clubs with over 25 members.

Davy (MI0IRZ) was dispatched to London to accept the award. At lunch time he passed the message that MUARC had bettered their placing from 2013 and had been awarded second place. The competition was close, so much so that MUARC tied for second place.

The club will receive a share of the funds available to the finalists and have already committed to investing into the  the club to continue the work and achievements that have landed us the Region 8 title and a finalist place in the Club Of The Year competition for the last two years.

MUARC success in RSGB Club Of The Year Competition

After being awarded the title of Regional Club of the year for 2014 and going through 

to the national competition, Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club have been announced as 

finalists in the RSGB Club Of The Year competition.

The winning club will be announced on Saturday 25th April 2015.

This is the second consecutive year our club has won the Regional Club Of The Year 

title and been named as finalists in the national competition. This is all due to 

the commitment and hard work of the club members.

MUARC Youth Members to participate in RSGB DXpedition

Two youth members from MUARC have been fortunate in securing places on the RSGB 'Project DX15'.

Click HERE to read more about their adventure.