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ITU Zone: 27
CQ Zone:14
IOTA: EU-115



Licences, Training & Exams

Foundation Licence Training
14 Registrations received for Foundation Licence exam.  The practical assessments will take place on Monday, 25 November and the exam on Saturday, 30 November. For details, contact the club secretary, Hazel, MI6WHV,

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is responsible for setting the requirements for Amateur Radio Licences.  Three levels of licences are available and the appropriate exams must be passed before a licence can be applied for.  Licences are issued by Ofcom.

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Licence Examinations

Mid-Ulster Amateur Radio Club is a RSGB authorised training / examination centre.

Training for the 3 licence categories (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced)  is available depending on demand.

Click the button to see the RSGB syllabus covering all 3 licences.  Note that the syllabus has been updated, effective from 1 September 2019.

Link to RSGB Mock Exams and sample question for all licence levels.

RSGB Training manuals.  Recommended - these manuals are designed specifically for the syllabus and exams.