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This year our club (MUARC) again has the privilege to host the RSGB International YOTA Callsign GB16YOTA. This is our 2nd year hosting the call from 00:01 on the 17th December until 23:59 which is a Saturday. This is a UK wide event with 16 other national clubs taking part from the start to the end of December. If any member in our club would like to take part, and activate the call from our shack then please get in touch with the Secretary or the Chair.

The following clubs so far have been chosen to host the call:


Sidmouth ARS, 2nd December

Durham & District ARS, 3rd December

Worcester RAA, 4th December

Aberystwyth & District ARS, 5-8th December

Hilderstone AR&EC, 9th December

Silcoates School ARC, 10th December

CDXC operating from Ludlow, 11TH December

FISTS operating from Bilstone School, 12th December

Otley ARS, 13th December

Castle Rushen School, 14-16th December

Mid Ulster ARC, 17th December

Stirling District ARS, 18th December

Durham & District ARS, 20th December

Chertsey RC, 21st December

Aberystwyth & District ARS, 22nd December

Leicester RC, 28-29th December

RSGB National Radio Centre 30th December


YOTA 2015 - Youngsters On The Air

Mid- Ulster ARC youth members got to take over the shack on Saturday 5th December when they had the privilege of hosting the RSGB Youngsters On The Air Callsign, Gi15YOTA.

The station ran for 10 hours making hundreds of contacts. 

All operators were under 18 and showed that they are all very capable operators, handling pile ups with ease!


On the 5th December MUARC youth members will be hosting the RSGB special call sign G15YOTA

The youth will be running the station from 00.00 hours Saturday to 23.59 hours.

This event is open to young people who are members of the club and young visitors who would like to see what Amateur Radio has to offer.

More details to follow...

MUARC Youth members set for DXpedition

Three MUARC youth members, Josh 2I0TXB, Taylor MI6RXC and Ross MI6WKE have been successful in securing a place on the RSGB 'Project-DX15'.

For the first time, the RSGB are offering the opportunity, during this summer, for 11 young people to take part in the adventure of a lifetime on a week-long DXpedition to a stunning location at the heart of the Brecon Beacons in Wales. 

The successful applicants will have the opportunity to participate in various activities as well as being able to suggest additional activities they would like to take part in. 

Some of the planned activities throughout the week include:

  • Activating Summits (SOTA)
  • The Islands on the Air contest (IOTA)
  • Beach and QRP operations
  • Building workshops
  • Various other activities

MUARC will be supporting the youth members for the DXpedition. The boys will give a presentation on their adventure when they return.

Josh 2I0TXB

Josh has been a licensed amateur radio operator for over three years. He enjoys combining his love of the outdoors with radio, such as SOTA activations, and the use of radio to create a safety network for Scouting activities.

He takes an active interest in the club and its many activities.

* Update - Josh has just 

achieved his intermediate licence, scoring a perfect 45/45, his call sign reflects his love of two hobbies, Mountain Biking and Amateur Radio, with TXB standing for Transmitting Biker*

Josh enjoys the building side of the hobby as much as the operational side. As can be seen in the photo below where he helped construct the 20m transmitter bought and built by the club.

Taylor MI6RXC

Taylor has held his licence for one year. He was introduced to amateur radio during a JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) activation at 2nd Banbridge Scout troop facilitated by MUARC.

Taylor sat the exam with his Dad and both enjoy VHF/UHF mobile and portable work as well as using Echolink.

Taylor enjoys combining his love of the outdoors, Bushcraft and radio. 


Ross has been a radio amateur for 3 years. He is active mainly on 2 meters and echo link but 

has used other radios as well. Ross is a member of Raynet NI and is involved with 

road racing, marathons and other events. 

He participates he available with Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club events and plans to 

undertake intermediate licence training next year. 

Ross's other interests include Akido and Hockey where he plays for a successful 

under 15's team.


Although Ross has a busy school year ahead starting his last year of GCSEs at The Wallace 

High School, Lisburn, he is still hoping to set aside time for radio as well.