MUARC Courses and Exams

Intermediate Training

There are two ways of training: 

A) 10 weeks (maybe more) of classroom study at the club =£70

B) 5 weeks home study and final 5 weeks in the classroom = £55 This includes a practical task and assessment. 

There is now an option to do the exam online meaning you would get your final result that night, paper exams can also be done. 

Do you want to move on with this great hobby? then come along and sign up! Members and non-members all welcome!


 For further information on any exams please contact our Exam Secretary - or

MUARC offers courses both at Foundation and Intermediate levels and facilities for all 3 levels of licence exams.

We provide examination facilities for all three amateur radio licence levels at our RSGB recognised exam centres.

If you would like to apply to attend a course or would simply like more information on the licences or MUARC training, please 

contact our exam secretary: 

Foundation Courses

Our next foundation course will run in the future as interest arises!

Registration normally takes place on a Tuesday evening 2 weeks prior to the course. The practical evening takes place on a Monday evening and the course runs on the Friday evening and all day Saturday until 5pm at the end of the same week. The actual exam takes place on the Saturday evening at 6pm.

Contact our exam secretary to register your interest or to receive more information.

Contact our Exam Secretary at the address above to add your name to the list for the next course.

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate courses are run over 12 weeks with the Exam taking place on the last week.

The club offer a fully tutored course that supplements the candidates own study. 

Instructors and assessors work with each candidate to help them complete their practical elements.

Advanced Examinations

MUARC run advanced examinations as required by the members.

We are happy to welcome any amateur to sit their exam with us if we are running an exam.

To find out if the club is running an exam contact our exam secretary.

Advanced Exams are now available on demand with one calendar month’s notice

Foundation Exam

The Foundation exam is the gateway to amateur radio. The course is run by local club volunteers. 

We run our Foundation courses in a fun, informal learning environment. It consists of a practical evening followed by a 12 hour theory study class that takes place over a Friday night and Saturday.

We hold a registration and information night before the course starts we those interested can ask questions as well as complete their application form.

During the training you will have the opportunity to operate different radio equipment. 

You shouldn't be put off by the thoughts of an exam. The Foundation exam is very straight forward with just 26 multiple choice questions that are completed in 55 minutes.

Exam papers are sent away to be marked by the RSGB but the invigilating team will perform indicative marking on the night and give you an idea of your result.

The Foundation course costs £50 which includes your exam fee, MUARC membership and course resources.

Intermediate Exam

Once you have gained your Foundation licence and some experience operating, you will probably want to continue on to the Intermediate licence.

The Intermediate licence is open to those who hold a Foundation licence and comes with more privileges as well as responsibilities. The main privilege is an increase in permitted output power from the 10 Watts at Foundation level to 50 Watts. 

The intermediate course runs for one evening a week for 12 weeks. It takes a deeper look and requires more understanding of the subjects that were introduced at Foundation level, including electronics, operating procedures and safety. 

The intermediate is much more hands on with the requirement to learn and display practical skills such as soldering, simple circuitry and project building. 

There are two elements to acquiring your Intermediate licence. The practical tasks that you will complete during your training and a multiple choice exam with 45 questions which must be completed in 75 minutes.

The exam paper is sent to the RSGB to be marked but as with the Foundation course the invigilating team will perform indicative marking of your paper to give you an idea of your result.

The course costs £50 for anyone wishing to study at home for the first 5 weeks and classroom attendance during practicals and the remainder of the course. £65 for anyone wishing to come along to all the training classes for the duration of the course.

Advanced Exam

The advanced exam is open to those holding the Intermediate licence.

Gaining your advanced licence will inherit you a number of privileges such as 400 Watts of Power, access to the 60m (5MHz) band and the ability to transmit from most locations worldwide.

The full licence requires a much deeper understanding of all areas of amateur radio operation. It is an entirely theory based exam with no practical elements. It is normally worked for on a home study basis. The exam format is 62 multiple choice questions which must be completed in 2 hours.

This exam is slightly different from the Foundation and Intermediate. Advanced Exams are now available on demand with one calendar month’s notice and upon completion there will be NO indicitive mark presented to the canidates. The exam papers are posted immediately to the RSGB to be marked. The results are then posted out directly from the RSGB to each candidate.

There are no age restrictions for any of the courses or exams

Still not sure?

If you would like more information, please contact the MUARC Exam Secretary: